About Me:

We are a bunch of talentless people, because we are not considered as talented yet. Maybe time can change that, not so hopefully.

Many many days ago(Sorry, can't rememeber exactly how many days becuase of our poor counting skill and we think that's all right because computers can only count 0 and 1 anyway), we became fascinated by how computers have such greate power to make it possible to create those amazing, wonderfull and dizzy graphics. Even that power is growing, getting bigger and bigger after every New Year's Eve. We began to search around with our half-blind eyes(we are all near-sighted) to try to find out what actually is behind this magical phenomenon.

We pulled out the computer cover and tried to get a clue by following the electrical lines one by one. You are right, we didn't get the vital clue by doing that. Luckily, we didn't spend much time inside the computer and at least we have come to know what computer organs look like.
Don't know where it came from, we got the idea that we can try to talk to the compter since it has guts like us do. To talk to the compuer personally, we have to learn a very alien language called C# which actually has nothing to do with music at all. Computers use the same leters as we do, that makes it a lot easier. We tumbled through the school courses like little children.

Wala! we can talk to the computer now. But the sad thing is that we found out that only talented people can create those magical graphics because those softwares behind the scene are created by talented people.

How about those softwares created by talentless people, maybe they are easier to use for those who are not so talented. That's what we have been doing. We set up the company in the year of 2007.