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November 22, 2011, 04:03:55 pm
spline tools can't be used while editing a spline via spline modify, or the slide tool or any modifier like tool.

once you try to activate a spline tool like insert, tangent, tweak etc, it drops the original spline modify on you, which can make it hard to effetely edit the spline and get any kinda visual feedback on how it is effecting your geometry.

this seems to be a issue with all of the tools that bring up there own dialog box thing to edit parameters, i also noticed while editing the spline through the spline modify or slide tool, my key commands for things like snapping don't work, and the widget-less transforms don't work (hold W + rmb or lmb)

would be nice to fix these issues and also a good way to over come some it it would be to maybe make spline tools for the streamline system, and a spline context for the streamline tools.