Topic: VoidWorld Update Augest 23 2011  (Read 10809 times)

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September 09, 2011, 06:51:07 pm
new update.

 Summary of changes:
 * Retopo drawing tool is improved base on memag's new suggestion. For detail, Help > Contents > Modeling > Edge Section > Retopo > Polygon Creation Tools > By Creating From Side Edges.
 * Modify > Vertex Commands n Tools > Weld Nearest. It does the same thing as vertex visual 'Weld' tool when threshold is set to Maximum value.
 * View > Windows > Material Library Window. You need to View > Windows > Reset to bring it up.
 * A new streamline tool option. Edit > Customize StreamLine Tools > Options > Allow tapped to stay live. The tool will stay live after its hotkey is released if its hotkey is pressed then released without any action performed. It can be usefull for some tools like the 'Cut' tool which needs to stay longer or easy view navigation during the operation. There are three ways to exit, 1. Hit Escape key. 2. Press down its hotkey, any mouse click, release its hotkey. 3. Activate another streamline tool.