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July 09, 2024, 12:16:45 pm
New Update

--Prerequisites : If the application failed to launch and SlimDX is not installed, download/install the CORRECT version(64 or 86(32-bit)) of end user runtime(for slimDX),
--For installing to run in Linux :

Nvil Kick-Start

Draw Mesh Kick-Start

Summary of changes:

* Object mode > Geometry > Create > Boolean Stack. It is a visual tool that can perform boolean and chamfer operations at the same time. Suitable for both low and high resolution hard surface modeling.
* A new streamline basic tool, Edge Loop Cleanup. Merge close by vertices within selected edge loop to form even spacing along the loop. Can be used for boolean cleanup.
* Geometry > Common Commands n Tools > Hard Edges Control > Object Subd Auto Crease. Toggle selected object's subd auto crease option flag. This option allows the program to crease subdivided object's edges base on edge angles if their subd crease values have not been set manually.
* Hot Tools Gadget feature is added. It provides a fast way for tool accessing without having to go through deep UI customization. It can be accessed through the right click context menu in Tool Search window.
* Viewport > 2D Pin/Zoom/Spin Enabled.
* Viewport > Copy/Paste Viewport Settings.
* Some bug fixings.


Boolean Stack

Fixings After Boolean Operation 1

Fixings After Boolean Operation 2

Auto Subd Crease

Hot Tool Gadget

Numerical Input On The Fly

2D Pan/Zoom/Spin
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