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March 12, 2024, 10:19:48 pm
New Update

--Prerequisites : If the application failed to launch and SlimDX is not installed, download/install the CORRECT version(64 or 86(32-bit)) of end user runtime(for slimDX),
--For installing to run in Linux :

Nvil Kick-Start

Draw Mesh Kick-Start

Summary of changes:

* New patch operation functions are added into Draw Mesh tool. This can make retopo process a lot more easier and much faster. 
* A new streamline basic tool, Edge-Loop Split-Slide;
* A new streamline tool, Subobject Transform-Slide.
* If the display screen resolution is higher than HD(1920 x 1080), most GUI elements will be scaled automatically to appear in larger size for better viewing. Some GUI elements can also be scaled individually. For more info, Help > Contents > User Interface > Options And UI Customization > GUI Scale.
* Some bug fixings.

(Draw Mesh) Retopo A Head With Regular-Patch Operation

(Draw Mesh) 4-Types Of Patch Operations

(Draw Mesh) Retopo An Ear With Quad-Patch

(Draw Mesh) Retopo A Nose In An Easy Way

(Draw Mesh)Guide Line Reference

Retopo Render Debug

Subobject Transform-Slide

Edge-Loop Split-Slide

Create Tubes From Splines