Topic: Insert and auto stich new geometry  (Read 2663 times)

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June 13, 2022, 05:37:59 am
Something similar to the polystein plugin for modo would be cool. (see videos for examples)

Basically it is fast way of copy and pasting mesh shapes onto a surface. It does have limits as you have to conform to the polygonal numbers for the inserted meshes. Note that the list of inserted meshes have their poly dimensions listed. (In a sense it is a lot like lego bricks)

2x2 insert goes to a 2x2 grid. 2x3 insert goes to 2x3 grid.
I imagine this tool probably conforms to the curvature of the mesh normals. (maybe this could be a setting that is adjustable?) Perhaps there would be an arrow designating the upward direction for the inserted mesh? Or some other way of adjust the orientation of the inserted mesh.

I and the rest of the community could probably supply a variety of shapes and graphics for mesh inserts if needed.

Don't get me wrong. This tool isn't necessary. It would just be nice to speed things along when adding these types of details to a mesh in a clean and quick fashion.

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