Topic: Edge Tools >> Edge_Extrude_Axis*# Numerical input  (Read 885 times)

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December 13, 2021, 02:48:51 am
Thankyou for all of the answers and feature updates you have given through the Steam discussions.

I would like to add a hopefully small request (addition) to the Edge Tools >> Edge_Extrude_Axis*# you did for me recently.

I was playing around more with creating a custom UI and the different edge extrude tools and came across Edge Tools >> Edge_Extrude_Face/Normal_Direction*# which allows inputting a number and hitting [Enter] to create the extrusion with a defined length. As a note, this tool requires a '0' (zero) be placed before the decimal point or it interprets the number as segments adjustment rather than length. Would this be more efficient for the user to just start with the decimal point? Rather than require "0." and the rest of the number.

Could the ability to enter a number to define the length be added to the Edge Tools >> Edge_Extrude_Axis*# to be more consistent with the normal direction extrude?

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December 20, 2021, 04:14:11 am
Try this

Digigtal number keys for segment input.
Number pad keys for value input.