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November 26, 2020, 08:41:20 am
New Update

Prerequisites : If the application failed to launch and SlimDX is not installed, download/install the CORRECT version of end user runtime(for slimDX),

Summary of changes:
  * Lattice object can be created in "Box" tool with "Create as lattice object" option. To perform deformation on mesh object with lattice object, the two objects must be linked first. Select the two objects then run this command tool, Geometry > Create > Link Lattice. To modify the subdivision of an existing lattice object, select that lattice object then open the Box tool. There the properties of the lattice object can be edited.
  * Some lattice related options are added to Box tool. "Smooth", "Hard" and "Apply lattice effect in realtime". They are only available when bring an existing lattice object back into the Box tool.
  * To set lattice object symmetry status, use these tools, Edit > Options > Shortcut Symmetry Options >..., Geometry > Calculate Symmetry Topologically.
  * This tool can be used to hide some lattice vertices and edges, subobject mode > View > Hide.
  * Vertex mode > Geometry > Restore Lattice Vertex Positions. Set the selected lattice vertices to their original positions.
  * Vertex mode > Geometry > Smooth Lattice Vertex Positions. Smooth selected lattice vertices.
  * In primitive tool, "LMB-Drag" and "Ctrl+LMB-Drag" can be used to change segments and sizes. The program will change to corresponding segments or size according to the cursor initial direction.
  * Some improvements on the primitive tools. While the primitive tool is active, side polys or edge of the new object can be clicked to select the side of the new object and bring up the move manipulator which can then be used to adjust the sizes of the new object while the position of one side of the object is fixed. Combining with snappings, this method makes it very easy on primitive precise positioning and resizing.

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November 30, 2020, 09:42:11 pm
Thanks, IStonia!  8)