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November 07, 2018, 11:56:27 pm
Not sure what is the stand on this but I think it would be super cool if Nvil had a very basic animation system for animating position, rotation and scale of objects and groups. No need for joints, IK etc.

Often times when doing hardsurface design it is useful if you show how object works by moving and rotating certain parts like rotating robotic arm or opening mechanical gates etc. These type of animations are usually really quick and simple with just object rotation + transition and show in very direct manner how object is supposed to work.

One other possibility is you could just do a quick 360 turnaround of the model, screencap it and have it there for later evaluation instead of stitching together a bunch of screenshots from multiple sides.

Of course all of this can be achieved with throwing the model in other software but would be nice to just have it in Nvil I think :)

So the minimum requirement would be a timeline with keyframes of object transforms and bezier curves for transitions between keyframes. What are your thoughts?