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October 16, 2018, 11:05:36 am
New Update

Prerequisites : If the application failed to launch and SlimDX is not installed, download/install the CORRECT version of end user runtime(for slimDX) (the .net 4 download) or

Summary of changes:
  * Polygon mode > Geometry > Ridge. Flip ridge formed by one or three ridge edge lines. For detail, Help > Contents > Modeling > Polygon Section > Polygon Commands > Ridge.
  * This tool is improved to handle more complex selection patterns, polygon mode > Geometry > Unchamfer. For detail, Help > Contents > Modeling > Polygon Section > Polygon Commands > Unchamfer.
  * A new basic streamline tool, Polygon_Bridge. Press down mouse button to create bridges between polygon selections then drag to adjust segments. It does the same thing as this tool, Help > Contents > Modeling > Polygon Section > Polygon Commands > Bridge. But it can adjust segments in real time.
  * A new basic streamline tool, Threshold_Weld. Press down mouse button then drag to adjust weld threshold value. Welding will be performed base on threshold value within subobject selections.
  * Facing options are added to primitive creation tools. The hotkey is Tab.
  * Edit > Options > Extrusion Options > Polygon Extrusion Auto Weld Snap Enabled. It is used in conjunction with 'Polygon Extrusion Auto Weld Enabled' option to constrain the positions of vertices that are not welded base on auto weld result.
  * Subobject mode > Selection > Adjacent Selection. Replace the current subobject selection with unselected subobjects adjacent to the current selection.
  * A new basic streamline tool, Context_Cut. Press down mouse button to activate the cut then drag/scroll/numberkeys to adjust number of cuts. Special case: if only two subobjects of the same mesh are selected and they are separated by other geometries, a cut line will be produced to connect the two selected subobjects.
  * A new basic streamline tool, Quad_Cap. Create quad polygons to fill holes. The number of border edges must be even. Selections must be made to mark initial layout. Press down mouse button to create initial layout then drag to adjust orientation. To change row setting, WMB/Alt+drag. To change auto relax option, tap Space key.
  * A shortcut is added to Draw Mesh tool on cutting mesh by a line, Shit+Ctrl+MMB.
  * File > Open User Settings Folder. User config files are saved in User Settings folder. It is recommended to backup those files regularly in case they may get lost or damaged.
  * View > Sort Object Render Order Enabled. If this option is on, objects render order will be sorted for better visual result if there is any object has any transparent material. This can drop down viewport performance to some degree if there are many objects in scene.
  * Edit > Customize > Tools > View Navigation Tools > Align To Camera. Align viewport camera to the only selected camera object or the only visible camera object or the only camera object in scene.
  * Ignore materials in file option on importing is added. If it is on, the imported object will only take the default material.
  * This option didn't work in previous versions because of coding error, View > Orthographic View Zoom Options > Camera Focus Both Fixed. It is now working.
  * View > Display > Show Viewport Camera Info. Show active viewport camera's position, focus point and near/far clipping plane position in inactive viewport.
  * Edit > Customize > Tools > Common Modeling Tools > Compute Face Weighted Normals. Compute normals in a way that larger face will have more weight.
  * "Save Objects To Files By Scene Materials" command is added to material window context menu. It groups visible objects by scene materials and save them to files per material a file.
  * Some bug fixings.


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October 16, 2018, 09:44:22 pm

You rock Istonia :)
Thank you very much!

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October 20, 2018, 01:19:00 am