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December 19, 2018, 01:57:08 am
Hi Everyone,

 I want to share my Nvil's config. I have been using Nvil for a while, since 2012 or 2013. The first time I got it, I spent quite some time customizing it, and over the years, I would keep tweaking my setup.

 Recently I did some spring cleaning to my config because over the years I would add a quick button here and there, add some hotkeys on the spot, and it becomes very messy. This time I put a bit more thoughts on organizing the buttons, hotkeys and the overall setup. I got some inspirations from other configs here too (like RubberDuck's after watching his Youtube videos), and also a bit inspirations coming from Blender and their users (like Heavypoly's video really inspires me)
 As Nvil has so many options and functions, and the developer is still adding new features from time to time, to this day there are still many tools and features inside Nvil that I don't know about (even after so many years of using it).
 Nvil is quite a complex tool, and I have setup many hotkeys that I don't even remember some of them, and there's all those unexplored tools and features that I hope to document it to help myself and other users.

 So I created a documentation at Read the Docs. I got the idea to do this after seeing the documentation of MESHmachine, I really like those animated gifs, and I wanted to do something of similar fashion too for Nvil. Currently the documentation will just showcase my setup and some Nvil's tools and features.

(Warning: It is still WIP and some part is not updated)
 A downside to my setup is since I work more on character modeling, I don't use too much hard surface techniques like crease edge, and so on... I also utilize a lot of hotkeys instead of buttons or menus.


Backup your current configurations at %APPDATA%\DigitalFossils\Nvil\User Settings first and put my files inside.

I also created a short video to give an overview of my custom interface:

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December 20, 2018, 03:58:07 am
Thank you Miica for sharing

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December 20, 2018, 01:13:07 pm
No problem, hung, I hope it helps  :)