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December 21, 2017, 12:03:18 am
New Update

Prerequisites : If the application failed to launch and SlimDX is not installed, download/install end user runtime(for slimDX) (the .net 4 download)

Summary of changes:
  * A new streamline tool, Draw Mesh. Draw grid lines to create polygons. This is a big tool. It can be used in both retopo and non-retopo modes for fast, easy and precision surface creation. For detail, see the tooltips in this tool's UI.
  * Edit > Preference > Draw Mesh auto weld threshold. It can be used to weld the generated vertices within new mesh and to the existing mesh.
  * Edit > Customize > Tools > Modeling Options > Is Fine Transforming. A flag to tell the program to slow down transforming operations to achieve fine adjustment. The default hotkey is Ctrl key.
  * Subobject mode > Selection > Contextual Loop Selection(Range/Gap). Use the last two selected subobject to perform additional loop selection. If the existing selection is only one subobject, whole mesh selection grow or edge loop selection will be performed.
  * It is possible to assign the same hotkey combination to different tools and the program will use the order in which hotkeys are pressed down to fire the right tool. For example, Undo: Ctrl+Z, Redo: Z+ctrl. If only one tool is assigned to the hotkey combination, the tool will be fired regardless the hotkey pressing order.
  * Two new streamline basic tools, Polygon Tools > Subdivide_Normal/Smooth. Subdivide selected polygons.
  * If a streamline-tool/visual-tool/radial-menu/hot-window is activated in a composite tool, the program will wait for its close before executing the following commands. In other words they become sticky. If the composite tool is activated by hotkey or the composite tool is activated by a radial menu which is activated by hotkey, the same hotkey can be used to close those sticky tools thus the following  tools in the composite tool can be executed. This can be used to make the whole operation simple with just one hotkey to execute the whole composite tool.
  * The circularize tool optimize the surrounding polygons automatically.
  * Composite tool editing UI is updated. Composite tools can be placed in different groups for easy organizing.
  * Edit > Customize > Tools > Edge Tools > P_Break Edge.
  * Some improvements on primitive creation. To adjust first segment Ctrl + LMB-Drag. To adjust second segment Ctrl + RMB-Drag. To adjust third segment Ctrl + MMB-Drag or Ctrl + Alt + LMB-Drag.
  * Edit > Customize > Tools > View Navigation Tools > "Align To Mesh Surface Under Cursor"/"Align To Retopo-Reference Surface Under Cursor"
  * Edit > Preference > Options 2 > Selection > Include retopo reference objects in selection and snapping occlusion.
  * A new basic streamline tool, Retopo Z Offset. Drag cursor horizontally or vertically to adjust retopo z offset value.
  * Edit > Preference > Options 1 > Save snap shot when save to file/Save BG image in scene file(Makes it possible to port scene file to different pc with BG images). General > Save file snap shot size.
  * Edit > Customize > Tools > Object Shortcut Tools > P_Flip XYZ.
  * A new setting is added for user buttons, StreamLine Tool Sticky Settings, for each individual mouse button. Once the option is on, if a streamline tool is activated either directly or indirectly by a composite tool from the button, the cursor will be locked inside the button and cursor movements will be transferred to viewport to perform the operation. This option is useful for reducing the time needed for moving cursor between user button and the viewport.
  * Edit > Preference > General > Radial menu item gap.
  * Edit > Preference > Colors > Radial Menu Colors > Font.
  * View > Orthographic View Zoom Options > "Camera Position Fixed"/"Camera Focus Both Fixed".
  * Edit > Customize > Tools > Modeling Tools > StreamLine Tool WMB Scroll Simulator. This is a flag tool. It is used in conjunction with streamline tools. If its hotkeys are all pressed down after the operation started, The cursor movement will be converted to WMB scroll to apply to the tool. It is useful when WMB scrolling is difficult or WMB is absent. Default: Alt key.
  * View > Display > HUD Display > Show Activated Tool Cue Info. Display short contextual operation prompt for activated tool.
  * Edit > Preference > Options 1 > Viewport Navigation > Use Key+NMB for pan view. This makes it possible to pan view without depressing mouse button.
  * Object mode > Geometry > Update Mirror Instance. Update the mirror instance's position and orientation of the selected object.
  * Edit > Options > Update Mirror Instances In Real Time. Update mirror instance's position and orientation when its instance source object is transformed.
  * Subobject mode > Selection > Symmetrize Selection.
  * Edge mode > Geometry > Convert Selected To UV Seams.
  * Geometry > Common Commands n Tools > Remove UV Seams. Remove UV seams base on subobject selections. If not in subobject modes or no subobject selection present, all UV seams on the selected objects will be removed.
  * View > Object Shading > Show UV Seam.
  * Subobject brush tools are improved.
  * Edit > Customize > Tools > Modeling Options > Subobject Highlight Enabled.
  * Edit > Customize > Tools > Set-Restore Tools > R_SetEdgeSmoothRendering/R_Restore EdgeRenderingOption/R_HideVertexEdgeInViewport/R_Restore VertexEdgeVisibleInViewport
  * Edit > Preference > Options 1 > GUI > Keep steppings info in manipulation window.
  * View > Windows > Steppings Window.
  * View > Windows > MatCap Window.
  * Edit > Preference > General > Cube MatCap resolution.
  * edit > Customize > Tools > Common Modeling Shortcut Tools > Toggle MatCap Enabled At Cursor.
  * View > Object Shading > Freeze MatCap Angle.
  * View > Object Shading > Object Individual Shading > Enable MatCap.
  * Vertex mode > Geometry > Set Subd Hard Corner. Mark/Unmark selected vertices as hard corner in subdivision operation. The vertex must be a border vertex and connecting to only two edges.
  * Export/Import tools are added to user tool window context menu. It makes it possible to share buttons and tools directly/indirectly connected to exported buttons between users.
  * Edit > Options > Edge Loop Stops At Poles.


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December 21, 2017, 08:48:35 am
All great additions to Nvil, thanks Istonia !

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December 21, 2017, 02:04:47 pm
Great work.  8)

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December 21, 2017, 03:18:19 pm
What a great job Istonia!!!

Huuuuge update!!

You rock!

Marco (mkdm)

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December 25, 2017, 11:25:49 pm
Keep up the good work Istonia! :)

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December 27, 2017, 02:11:38 pm
Just amazing peace of modeling tool!!! Use it every time. Thanks a lot Istonia !