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December 27, 2016, 11:34:22 pm
New Update
Prerequisites : A need to download/install end user runtime(for slimDX) (the .net 4 download)

Summary of changes:
  * "Random Selection" tool is improved. If there was selection, the selection will be marked as random selectable, otherwise all objects/subobjects will be marked as random selectable. Random select will happen on random selectable object/subobject only. "Random Selection_Down/Up" works on random selectable object/subobject only, so "Random Selection" must be performed before. In vertex mode, if soft selection is not enabled, random vertex soft selection will be generated.
  * Basic streamline tool "Edge_Bridge_Multi" is improved. Edge range can be controlled by selection on one side. See Help > Contents > Modeling > StreamLine Tools > Streamline Basic Tool Specifications > Edge_Bridge_Multi.


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December 28, 2016, 12:59:32 am
Thanks a lot Istonia for this latest public update!

Random workflow and Multi bridge work like a charm !!
...and make NVIL one step ahead of many other popular modelers :)

I know and I have tested a lot of poly/sds modeler of any range of price and although NVIL
is focused on a very restricted area, that is only PURE modelling, it can really fight against
many BIG and popular and much expensive modelers.

IMHO now NVIL needs only of a refreshed and modern UI and viewport that should leverage on modern GPU
and graphic routines.

Great job Istonia! Thanks again.

- Marco (mkdm)