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December 29, 2015, 09:26:36 am
New Update
Prerequisites : A need to download/install end user runtime(for slimDX) (the .net 4 download)

Summary of changes:

  * Some new events are added to streamline tools. On Exit, On LMB/MMB/LMB/X1/X2 Up/Click/Move.
  * Edit > Preference > General > StreamLine click event timing(default: 0.15 seconds). Mouse-Click event fires only if the interval between Mouse-Down and Mouse-Up is under this specified time.
  * Edit > Preference > General > StreamLine mouse event timing(default: 0 seconds). If value is not 0 and both mouse event and function tool are assigned, Mouse-Down/Click events fire only if the interval between tool activated and Mouse-Down is under this specified time. Mouse function tools can only be activated after this specified time.
  * Some tools for option setting change and restorations for working with streamline tools. Edit > Customize > Tools > Set_Restore Tools. R_Turn On/Off MultiSelection, R_Restore MultiSelection, R_Turn On/Off Snapping, R_Restore Snapping, R_Turn On/Off Manipulator_Position/Orientation_World/..., R_Restore Manipulator_Position-Orientation, R_Set Subdivision0/2/3/4, R_Restore Subdivision.
  * File > Save/Load Default Settings. Save to/Load from these files: PreferenceSettings_Default.xml, PreferenceSettings_Colors_Default.xml, MainFormDockingSetting_Default.xml, MainFormBarSetting_Default.xml.
  * Edit > Preference > Options > Load default settings on Startup.
  * Edit > Options > Spline Options > Auto Set New Spline Point Space Info. When this option is on, the normal of the snapped geometry used to create the new spline point will be used to set up the new spline point's space which will affect the flow of the spline space. It should be turned off if not required. The setup of the spline point space info could cause unexpected result in spline naturalizing. The setup can be cleared by using the reset tool in spline tangent control tool.
  * Vertex Spline Modify tool is improved. Axis Line no longer needs to be a two point straight line. It can be a curve line. "Auto Align Start Position" option is added. For detail, see Help > Contents > Modeling > Vertex Section > Mesh Vertex > Spline Modify > Note > Auto Align Start Position.
  * A new streamline tool, Subobject Modify Spline Picker. Move cursor over the spline to highlight it. LMB click to link the current subobject selection to the spline. If the spline's shape is changed, the linked subobjects will be transformed accordingly. RMB click to delink the spline from any modify setup.
  * Edit > Customize > Tools > Subobject Shortcut Tools > Polygon Boundary Select, This tool will pick the under cursor polygon and grow the selection from there until existing selection or geometry boundary is detected.
  * Subobject "Context Cut" command tool is improved. If only two subobjects of the same mesh are selected and they are separated by other geometries, a cut line will be produced to connect the two selected subobjects.
  * A new mesh creation tool, Geometry > Create > Loft. For detail, see Help > Contents > Modeling > Vertex Section > Spline Vertex > Spline Loft.
  * Edit > Customize > Tools > Common Shortcut Tools > Launch App. It is used to launch external applications. It is Better to create composite tools with this tool for each application.
  * A fixed key combination Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Home for toggling top menu visible.
  * Edit > Customize > Tools > Common Modeling Tools > P_SaveToFile/P_LoadFromFile.
  * The program remembers "Symmetry Enabled" on closing.
  * Edit > Preference > General > New BG img transparency.
  * "Retopo Offset" is added to Retopo Reference List window. It is used to offset the snap point along the projection line.
  * "Set As Viewport Menu" option is added to radial menu option. Edit > Customize > Radial Menus. If a radial menu is set as Viewport Menu, it will show up automatically when the mouse stay motionless for more than one second in the viewport provided it is in object mode and there is no selection in scene.
  * "Set as Viewport StreamLine Tool" is added to streamline tool editor. Edit > Customize > StreamLine Tools. A viewport streamline tool can be activated by mouse button only without hotkey. I works if there is selection in scene or there is object under cursor and no key is pressed.  It provides a fast way to access the most used tools.
  * Edit > Customize > Tools > Common Modeling Shortcut Tools > Replace Selection. This an addition tool to the existing tools, Exclude/Include/Toggle Selection.
  * Hover image is added to button customization.
  * Edit > Options > Viewport StreamLine Tool Enabled.
  * Edit > Options > Viewport Radial Menu Enabled.
  * Edit > Customize > Tools > Modeling Options > Plan/Axis Move Toggle Key.
  * On mouse up without action event.
    For some streamline basic tools like extrude/chamfer/move..., if the tool is activated by pressing down a mouse button, and then the mouse button is released without dragging to perform the operation, the "On mouse up without action event" will be fired. By default, this event is used to perform an operation base on the activated tool's last operation.
    There is a global option, Edit > Preference > Options > Swap REPEAT LAST STEP with REPLACE SELECTION on basic streamline tool. It is used to let this event do selection instead. The advantage of this is selection can be modified without dropping the current tool. If this option is on, REPEAT LAST STEP can still be performed if Redirect Modifier Key (default: Caps Lock) is pressed before releasing the mouse button.


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December 29, 2015, 08:06:25 pm
Thanks! Happy New Year!

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January 02, 2016, 09:25:24 pm