Topic: VoidWorld Update Feb 20 2012  (Read 8566 times)

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February 20, 2012, 08:19:54 am
new update.

Summary of changes:

  * It is possible to export subdivison to .obj file with polygon groups. In previous versions, exporting subd object which has polygon groups will cause the app crash.
  * Vertex/Edge/Polygon can all be grouped. Geometry > Common commands n Tools > Subobject Group.
  * A new edge selection command, Under polygon mode > Selections > Edges On Selection Border.
  * Manipulator > Orientation > Cycle Through.
  * A basic streamline tool may be linked to a visual tool which does the same or similar thing but with more options. Once the basic streamline tool is activated through a streamline tool, press down 'End' key will cause the streamline tool to close and the linked visual tool will be Activated. If an operation is in progress, it will be canceled. This is usefull to access a visual tool through streamline tools to take the advantages of the visual tool's options.
  * Two new basic streamline tools under Edge Tools group, Loop_Tidy_Standard, Loop_Tidy_EdgeMidPosition.
  * A few new basic streamline tools under Generic Tools group. Relax, Spherize, Surface_Align_VertexNormal, Surface_Align_ViewDirection.
  * Selections > Increse/Decrease Soft Selection.