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February 16, 2012, 09:13:51 am
I've wished for this in the Polycount Forums already, so just that everything is together:
I'd wish Polygroups to work better as they are a great means to Organize Models without having
to break them in separate parts.
They should work not only on SubD-Level Zero, collapsing SubD-Levels should inherit enclosed Polygons.
Polygroups should export when written into .obj's so that one could access them in other Packages.

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February 16, 2012, 12:12:54 pm
Thanks a lot for the latest additions Istonia!

I see that Polygroups are maintained when collapsing SubD-Levels and they also export correctly to Zbrush! Nice. Zbrush then can reconstruct all lower Subdivisions from the imported mesh and still the Polygroups get maintained to level 0.

However one has to explicidly collapse the SubD-Levels already in VW. It is currently not possible to let the the .obj-Exporter do the Collapsing at Export-Time when Poly-Groups exist. It throughs an Error-Popup - do you see this too?

There's other things which do not work yet:
One still only can assign Polygroups at Subd-Level 0. I would expect to be able to do this at any Subd-Level. One also can not access (select and edit) Polygroups at other Levels as 0. At least here Polygroups are no more listed when applying a virtual Subdivision.

Exactly the same way as Polygons I would also like to save Groups of Edges and Vertices in a unified Design. In exchange I personally could live without saved Selections.
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