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April 15, 2013, 05:31:18 pm
Wow... I'm very impressed indeed. Was that really a 1 man developer work? This gem is packed with pearls and really feels like I'm in Silo, Max and Maya somehow. Really really impressed with it.
Just few glitches here and there. I like the idea of the right click menu and the cursor snaps back to the center. It is fresh and new.
I didn't have much time to work on it, but for what I've see in half an hour:

1. I tried to look to customize the Zoom in and out but found no way to do it.
2. The rollout of the menus on the side needs to be instant or faster.
3. It is screaming for preset themes (make one ala modo style please)
4. Some of the options names can be much shorter.
5. It needs to have a way to setup an image plane on the fly for each view angle: top, right/left.
e.g. Select "Image Plane" -> windows pops up to choose an image file --> With image selected press Import. Done.
6. 64bits native without 3rd party apps to improve.

I might as well just ask here... how do I center my object camera view?
e.g. I pan my screen to the left and my obj is on the right. In Maya I press A and the object centers in my viewport.

Overall, I'm loving this one. I can definitely see this replacing Silo in the near future very soon.

My spec:
Windows 7 Pro 64 bits.
GTX 670 - 4 GB rams
32 rams memory
cpu i7 3.6 ghz

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April 15, 2013, 06:02:07 pm
Hello Cgisoul!
Yeah, NVil is pretty awesome. ;D

To answer some of your questions:
1. Edit->Customize->Tools->View Navigation Tools->Zoom View.
2. This can be tweaked too, even down to 0 delay IIRC, but I can't find the option now. I'll look for it.
3. There are some presets, but not "application specific". :)
5. It has. It's the quickest setup I've ever seen. Search for: Object Shortcut Tools->BG Image (you have to be in one of the orthographic views for it to work).

To frame the selection, either use View->Viewport Framing->Best Fit or bind a key to View Navigation Tools->Best Fit.

EDIT: 2. OK, found it. Edit->Preferences->Colors->Dock Hide Speed. Max. is 10. It's quite fast.
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April 15, 2013, 06:44:22 pm
5. Why not use the streamline 'BG Image' tool? Default key: B. Just hover the orthographic viewport, tap B key, the file dialog jumps out, choose the image file and close the dialog. Now press down B key again and hold it and your are ready to adjust the image with manipulator or mouse buttons, check the description of the streamline 'BG image' tool on the pop-up instant help when this tool is activated.