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March 08, 2013, 10:41:03 am
New Update

Summary of changes:

  * Cut tool is improved. The operation can carry on between Click-Cut and Drag-Cut without disruption.
  * Three minor bugs are fixed.


I made a video about the Cut tool.


1. Preparation
   Turn on vertex snapping option. Set angle stepping value to 0.
2. Perform fist cut.
   Move the cursor over to a polygon. Click LMB. Move cursor over to another polygon. Press down LMB and hold to keep LMB down.
3. Perform drag cuts
   Drag LMB over a number of edges to cut through them. Release LMB at the last edge.
4. Perform a short click cut.
   Move cursor into a nearby polygon. Click LMB.
5. Perform Horizontal Cut
   Move the cursor to another polygon on the right. While doing this, press down and hold Shift key to keep the cut line horizontal. Click LMB.
6. Perform Vertical Cut
   While Shift key is still pressed down, Move the cursor down to a polygon at the bottom. Click LMB.
7. Perform another horizontal cut.
   Move The cursor to the right. Rlease Shift key and press down and hold Ctrl key. Since angle stepping value is set to 0, the Ctrl key will keep the cut line horizontal regardless the position of the cursor. Move the cursor over to a vertex to use vertex snapping to constrain the cut line stop position. This is to ensure a perfect vertical cut at the next step. Click LMB.
8. Final cut
   Release Ctrl key to release the angle constraint. Move the cursor to the vertex previously used for snapping. Click RMB to confirm cut and exit the operation.