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Only first time around saying it was unsigned and if I wanted to run anyway, I chose the option to say just run it.

I'm on Windows 11 Pro if it helps.

EDIT: I reverted back to the original steam version files for now and it runs fine as before I copied the files.
Did you receive any messages from windows of why it failed to run?
Sorry, I couldn't get it to run/start (I did get an unsigned warning from Windows Defender though).

I tried just extracting it and running it.
I tried backing up my steamapps/common/NVIL and pasting the files in there and couldn't get it to run either.
You can extract the file and try it to see if it works. The scene files save from it can be opened by steam version.
I should have mentioned I have the Steam version.
Is it okay to try this file with the Steam version or do I need a different one?
Try this

You can use this option to revert it back, Edit > Preference Options1 > GUI > Replace main menu with menu strip.
Currently it seems the default behaviour when selecting from a menu with multiple checkboxes/options that can be toggled, is to have the menu close up after selecting one.

For example:
 - View -> Windows -> User Tools Window -> User Tools 1 ... 30

It would be great if on sub-menu's like these (not saying all sub-menu's), the menu could stay open so it would be possible to tick on/enable whatever user menu's are desired, then close after all that are wanted are enabled/disabled.

An alternative might be to use the margin on the left where the checkbox appears to differentiate between a multi-enable/disable and a single enable/disable. Single could be chosen by clicking on the textual portion (e.g. User Tools 1).

The View -> Windows -> Window List might even be able to be removed as the functionality would be provided by the multi-enable/disable.

If you need more input from my end, please let me know, happy to provide.
News and Updates / Nvil Update Mar 12 2024
« Last post by IStonia on March 12, 2024, 10:19:48 pm »
New Update

--Prerequisites : If the application failed to launch and SlimDX is not installed, download/install the CORRECT version(64 or 86(32-bit)) of end user runtime(for slimDX),
--For installing to run in Linux :

Nvil Kick-Start

Draw Mesh Kick-Start

Summary of changes:

* New patch operation functions are added into Draw Mesh tool. This can make retopo process a lot more easier and much faster. 
* A new streamline basic tool, Edge-Loop Split-Slide;
* A new streamline tool, Subobject Transform-Slide.
* If the display screen resolution is higher than HD(1920 x 1080), most GUI elements will be scaled automatically to appear in larger size for better viewing. Some GUI elements can also be scaled individually. For more info, Help > Contents > User Interface > Options And UI Customization > GUI Scale.
* Some bug fixings.

(Draw Mesh) Retopo A Head With Regular-Patch Operation

(Draw Mesh) 4-Types Of Patch Operations

(Draw Mesh) Retopo An Ear With Quad-Patch

(Draw Mesh) Retopo A Nose In An Easy Way

(Draw Mesh)Guide Line Reference

Retopo Render Debug

Subobject Transform-Slide

Edge-Loop Split-Slide

Create Tubes From Splines

NVILL Discussion / Re: What happened to Rocket3f and Samardac?
« Last post by chikega on January 07, 2024, 04:23:49 am »
I hope everything is ok.
News and Updates / Re: Nvil Update Oct 20 2023
« Last post by chikega on January 06, 2024, 10:12:49 pm »
Great to see that NVil is still actively being developed and updated!  :)
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