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NVILL Discussion / Re: NvilClipboard (Maya)
« Last post by XratedManfanser on January 13, 2019, 10:46:14 pm »

Copy code lines in notpad and save file in Documents>>maya2018>> script folder.
open maya>> shelf editor >>shelf contents>> add button
after click command tab
language select pyhton

Get nvil code
import goNvil

Save All shelves

when u object done in nvil.  File>>Clipboard>>copy(obj)

open maya and click your shelf button
its works MAYA2018

Bug Reports / Re: Problems with Normals
« Last post by thor6136 on December 28, 2018, 12:07:09 pm »
Holy shit you are golden! Works good so far, I will keep testing it and report if there are any problems, thanks a bunch!
Bug Reports / Re: Problems with Normals
« Last post by IStonia on December 28, 2018, 11:03:18 am »
OK, I looped through all the tools and modified them to preserve custom normals. You can test it and let me know how it goes. Caution: It could be quite buggy since the amount of modification.
Bug Reports / Re: Problems with Normals
« Last post by thor6136 on December 27, 2018, 07:09:18 pm »
I did some digging and apparently there were same issues in Blender, Softimage etc with models exported from CAD. There seems to be great information on Softimage wiki about so called User Normals and how they are implemented. They keep user normals in custom stack with custom stack when they are being modified.

Blender calls them custom normals:

And part from random Blender forum discussion

"And that’s the whole point of working with imported CAD normals: Not to mess with them in Blender, right?

Because as soon as you change the mesh in Blender, the custom normals will be corrupted. From my understanding that was the major breakthrough in Blender 2.74 and above: Blender finally leaving the imported normals alone."

This is exactly what is happening right now in Nvil, they get modified and 'corrupted'.

Hope this helps!
Bug Reports / Re: Problems with Normals
« Last post by IStonia on December 26, 2018, 09:47:25 am »
Would it be possible to go one by one and not do all at once and fix this as time goes on? Maybe one or two per week or so? If not I guess I will have to try and find some different (easier) workaround, any suggestion appreciated.

To further clarify the issue, I work in combination with MoI3D and NVil, some parts are good to make in CAD, some parts are good to make in SubD modeling. NVil serves for me as SubD modeler and program where I assemble all the parts to finish robotic design. Parts that are made in CAD can be quiet heavy and detailed with not just one hole as in previous example but many many screw holes, vents and other detail, going in and manually fixing topology is not an option for me as a concept artist as I rely on fast and smooth workflow with as few technical hiccups as possible.

I don't know how other apps handle this. Can you tell me what you know?
NVILL Discussion / Re: Making NVil run on Linux...
« Last post by rubberDuck on December 23, 2018, 01:52:42 am »
I managed to launch NVil on Wine 3.20 32-bit development version. It works but viewports are super slow so it's not possible to do any actual work. There are also some problems with user interface: slow redraw, "&" characters in menus, some windows (like "Preferences") when opened are pushed into background behind the main NVil window, and fonts are hard to read.

Bug Reports / Re: Problems with Normals
« Last post by thor6136 on December 22, 2018, 12:22:03 pm »
Thanks a bunch IStionia, appreciate the effort! Works good so far.
Community Help / Re: miica's Nvil Config
« Last post by miica on December 20, 2018, 01:13:07 pm »
No problem, hung, I hope it helps  :)
Community Help / Re: miica's Nvil Config
« Last post by hhnguyen on December 20, 2018, 03:58:07 am »
Thank you Miica for sharing
Tutorials / Re: Retopo A Head with Draw Mesh
« Last post by miica on December 19, 2018, 05:05:16 am »

These are the tools I use in the video and their hotkeys:

 Main Tools
Draw Mesh M
Draw Mesh cut \
Draw Mesh Brush Right Ctrl
Draw Mesh Tweak Right Shift
Undo and Redo  Left and Right

Apps --> ScrollLock
   (Pressing Apps will triggers ScrollLock)
, --> Capslock

Switch to vertex mode '

Clear Selection Enter
Esc --> End

 Accessed through Buttons
*Smooth Brush using Relax
Show Symmetry Plane
Select Ngon

 Poly Modeling Hotkeys that I use near the end
Increase/Decrease Subdivision C/V
Fill Jagged Border Edges J
Fill Hole Shift + F
Quad Cap Ctrl + Shift + Q
Collapse vertices Alt + D
Threashold Weld Shift + W
Delete Ctrl + Shift + D
Ring Select Alt + R
Space Loop Ctrl + Shift + Space
Add loop Shift + C

Viewport Hotkeys
Toggle Transparent Alt + 3
Adjust Focal Length Alt + F

I use Autohotkey ( for some of the keys:

\ --> Shift + 3 (Mesh_Cut)
   (Pressing \ will triggers Shift + 3)
Right Ctrl --> Shift + 1 (Mesh_Tweak)
Right Shift --> Shift + 2 (Mesh_Brush)
, --> Capslock (used to create patch)
Enter --> 0 --> Clear Selection
End --> Esc

I set them up to make it convinient for left-handed. When I retopo, my left hand is holding the Stylus and my right hand is at the right side of spacebar, like so:

So some of the default keys are a bit far to reach for my right hand, that's why I use Autohotkey to remap some keys.

, Enter and End are easier to understand, they are alternate to CapsLock 0 and Esc. 0 is setup to Clear Selection in Nvil.

\ Right Ctrl Right Shift and Apps key are a bit hard to explain, because they need to trigger multi keystrokes. Mesh_Tweak, Mesh_Brush and Mesh_Cut are accessed frequently by me, but the default hotkey is multi keys, and there are number keys to each of them. I find it hard to get used to so I simplify the hotkeys:

Mesh_Tweak Shift+1/0 --> Right Ctrl
Mesh_Brush Shift+2/9 --> Right Shift
Mesh_Cut Shift+3/8 --> /

I am also using Apps key (which sends ScrollLock keystroke) as a state control so the keys are only going to works when ScrollLock is turned on. The keys need to become normal keys outside of Draw Mesh. So everytime I enter Draw Mesh, I will check if my ScrollLock key is light up, if it's not I will press Apps key which is also same and pressing ScrollLock. Outside of Draw Mesh I will turn off ScrollLock using Apps key, so Right Ctrl will remain Right Ctrl, i.e. pressing it won't trigger Shift + 1

This is my Autohotkey script:

Code: [Select]
; ------------------------------
;  Nvil
; ------------------------------
#IfWinActive ahk_exe NVil 1.0.exe


; Retopo
,::CapsLock ; for Draw Mesh
Enter:: Send [color=#9fcd32][tt]0[/tt][/color][color=#9fcd32][tt]Enter[/tt][/color]
m:: Send [color=#9fcd32][tt]m[/tt][/color][color=#9fcd32][tt]ScrollLock[/tt][/color]

RShift Up:: Send [color=#9fcd32][tt]RShift up[/tt][/color][color=#9fcd32][tt]2 up[/tt][/color]
RCtrl Up:: Send [color=#9fcd32][tt]RCtrl Up[/tt][/color][color=#9fcd32][tt]RShift up[/tt][/color][color=#9fcd32][tt]1 up[/tt][/color]
\ Up:: Send [color=#9fcd32][tt]\ Up[/tt][/color][color=#9fcd32][tt]RShift up[/tt][/color][color=#9fcd32][tt]3 up[/tt][/color]


#If (WinActive("ahk_exe NVil 1.0.exe") and (not GetKeyState("ScrollLock", "T")))

#If (WinActive("ahk_exe NVil 1.0.exe") and GetKeyState("ScrollLock", "T") and GetKeyState("RShift"))

#If (WinActive("ahk_exe NVil 1.0.exe") and GetKeyState("ScrollLock", "T"))
RShift:: Send [color=#9fcd32][tt]RShift down[/tt][/color][color=#9fcd32][tt]2 down[/tt][/color]
\::Send [color=#9fcd32][tt]RShift down[/tt][/color][color=#9fcd32][tt]3 down[/tt][/color]

#If (WinActive("ahk_exe NVil 1.0.exe") and GetKeyState("ScrollLock", "T") and (not GetKeyState("RShift")))
RCtrl:: Send [color=#9fcd32][tt]RShift down[/tt][/color][color=#9fcd32][tt]1 down[/tt][/color]

Github Gist

Sorry if that sounds confusing, feel free to ask my anything!

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